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Terps Show Character, Fight In Comeback Win

Terps Show Character, Fight In Comeback Win

Runs like that are gut punches, and it was no different for the Terps, but this team boasts a balanced scoring roster.

Like players talked about heading into Thursday’s game during Wednesday’s open practice, the goal was March Madness, but Maryland didn’t want its run to end so soon.

In stepped sophomore Julian “JuJu” Reese, one of the more soft-spoken players for the Terps to begin the season, but a player who has stepped into the spotlight in a big way.ย 

“He had a good work ethic,” Willard said postgame. “We just had to get him to have a great work ethic. Once he saw my personality, how intense I am from the individual instruction side, I said this, I think I said this in December. He had a huge game against Coppin State. I told everybody, ‘You haven’t seen anything yet.’ As I saw his personality grow, as he became a little bit more outgoing, I knew his game would follow because he is just a fantastic young man and he has an unbelievable work ethic. I just needed him to believe in it.”

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