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Podcast Ep. 78: Purdue Menโ€™s Basketball Parents on Supporting Their Sons During This Historic Season

Podcast Ep. 78: Purdue Menโ€™s Basketball Parents on Supporting Their Sons During This Historic Season

Ginny Smith:

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Gary and Lout Furst:

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Chris Foreman:

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Kate Young:

Hi, Iโ€™m Kate Young and you are listening to This Is Purdue, the official podcast for Purdue University. As a Purdue alum and Indiana native, I know firsthand about the family of students and professors who are in it together, persistently pursuing and relentlessly rethinking. Who are the next game changers, difference makers, ceiling breakers, innovators? Who are these Boilermakers? Join me as we feature students, faculty and alumni taking small steps toward their giant leaps and inspiring others to do the same.

What a ride itโ€™s been for the Purdue menโ€™s basketball team this season. From losing star player Jaden Ivey to the NBA to a rumored quote unquote, โ€œrebuilding year,โ€ to being ranked in the top five in the AP poll for 13 weeks straight, itโ€™s been quite the journey. And who better to discuss this historic season with than the people who have stood by this team all along? In this episode of This Is Purdue, weโ€™re talking to several guests who know these players better than anyone, their parents. Ginny Smith, freshman starting guard Braden Smithโ€™s mom, and Gary and Lotus Furst, sophomore starting forward, Caleb Furstโ€™s parents joined us for this special kickoff to March Madness episode. Our podcast team had the opportunity to talk to Ginny, Gary, and Lotus right inside Mackey Arena before the Ohio State home game on Sunday, February 19th, where the Boilermakers celebrated an 82 to 55 win against the Buckeyes.

These three parents are so incredibly kind, gracious and supportive of not only their sons, but the entire Boilermaker community. You can tell this family within this Purdue basketball community means so much to them. Youโ€™ll hear these three discuss when they first really noticed their sonโ€™s basketball talent. They kick off to this 2022, 2023 season at the Phil Knight Legacy Basketball Tournament in Portland where if you donโ€™t remember, Purdue was unranked and beat Duke to win this tourney. And of course, Coach Matt Painterโ€™s leadership and what it means to them. Plus Ginny admits Purdue wasnโ€™t actually her first choice for Braden. Youโ€™ll hear more about that interesting story.

And it wouldnโ€™t be a good interview if we didnโ€™t ask about…

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