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Deacon Sports Xtra: Progress Through the Process

Deacon Sports Xtra: Progress Through the Process

During the Wake Forest men’s basketball rebuild this past offseason, Davion Bradford’s transfer ultimately became the last piece of the puzzle. The 7-foot tall center from St. Louis, who began his college career at Kansas State, used the move to completely reset both on and off the court. Usage of the Wake Forest staff and facilities heavily aided in getting him in the best condition of his playing career.

“I have a lot of people on the staff and a lot of people on the team who have helped me,” Bradford said. “It was hard for me when I first came here, being consistent with it. That was the main solution to my problem. It was definitely a change in my diet and a change in my schedule. I had to consider times in which I was working out and what I was consuming in my body.

“I honestly love desserts, but had to cut that out. I also like wings, but I’ve had to cut out a lot of fried food and late-night eating. That was a big problem for me during the start.”

Bradford also learned to properly rest his body and adjust to a more routine sleep schedule, getting to bed most nights by 10:30 p.m.

“I was the type of person to stay up all night and then just act like I can go into the gym,” Bradford said with a chuckle. “I knew what I was supposed to do, but I had to get into the habit. I wanted to get serious with my diet and get serious about this season. I wanted to be more locked in than I was last year. I want to do everything right for this season. I want it to be a great season.”

By the time the season had started, Bradford had shed more than 40 pounds, completely transforming his body with his dedication under the direction of Wake Forest director of sport performance Mike Starke. Before arriving at Wake Forest, Bradford went through a COVID-19 infection, pneumonia and a hip contusion all during his sophomore season.

“I went through a lot last season,” he said. “There were many games in which I wasn’t at my best or as consistent. I was out very often and couldn’t practice. I just couldn’t find my niche.

“I haven’t played at this weight since my freshman year, and I haven’t been fully healthy since my freshman year. I’m still getting used to playing at this weight. I know I can do it, because I’ve done it once before.”

Bradford contributed a huge 11 points and four rebounds in an early-season 10-point victory at Joel Coliseum over SEC foe…

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