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The incomparable Kevin Garnett – CelticsBlog

The incomparable Kevin Garnett - CelticsBlog

How do you describe Kevin Garnett to someone who didn’t have the privilege of watching him during his playing days? The short answer is that you can’t. However, since I covered the team for the entirety of his career with the Celtics writing for this silly blog, I’ll give it my best shot.

There has never been and never again will be someone like Kevin Garnett. The only way to approximate him is to grab pieces of other amazing things and jumble them together in a mosaic of images that still doesn’t do him justice.

Kevin Garnett had the body of Kevin Durant (with more shoulders), the quick twitch of Robert Williams III, the defensive positional understanding of Al Horford, the midrange shot of Chris Paul, the unselfishness of Derrick White, and the competitiveness of Michael Jordan. Oh yeah, and the intensity of Mike Tyson. And none of that does him justice.

Kevin Garnett was THAT guy or gal in your group of friends that changed the whole mood when they walked in the room….

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