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NBA free agency 2024 – Latest signings, news, buzz and reports

NBA free agency 2024 - Latest signings, news, buzz and reports

With only eight teams remaining in the playoffs, most NBA decision-makers have their eyes set on the draft and free agency.

The free agency window will open June 30 at 6 p.m. ET, but teams and players are already hinting at what could be an impactful summer of moves and contract extensions.

The free agency pool this summer could be loaded with big names such as LeBron James and Paul George, who both could decline the final year of their respective deals and test the waters. Other stars such as Klay Thompson and James Harden will enter the summer as unrestricted free agents.

Our NBA insiders will be tracking all of the latest signings, buzz, news and reports throughout the summer and into free agency, so stay tuned as we report on the biggest moves that will shape the league.

May 14

9:07 a.m. ET: On ESPN’s “Get Up,” NBA insider Brian Windhorst outlined possible reasons why LeBron James attended Game 4 of the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ second-round series against the Boston Celtics.

“I have been told the reason LeBron was in Cleveland was because he and [his wife] Savannah were there for Mother’s Day,” Windhorst said. “And Rich Paul, who was also at the game and represents several Cavaliers, called the Lakers and said, ‘Just so you know, LeBron’s going to be coming to the game tonight,’ so they weren’t surprised.

“Having said that, obviously since the end of the season, LeBron has sent several interesting messages — the non-comment on the Lakers going forward, the comments on podcasts and social media about how he doesn’t know what to do, and now he comes to this game, which he knows is going to be on this show. No matter what he says, he knows it’s going to be on ‘First Take.’ He knows.”

James wasn’t happy with the Lakers’ quiet trade deadline, Windhorst noted, adding that the Lakers could trade three first-round picks on draft night.

“So this little maneuver, to just put a little bit of doubt, I think, is mostly a bit of a thing for the Lakers, to remind the Lakers, ‘By the way, I’m still out here.'”

May 6

4 p.m. ET: Miami Heat president Pat Riley stated Monday that All-Star forward Jimmy Butler‘s contract will depend on his availability. This came in a news conference in which Riley was also critical of Butler’s comments after the Heat were defeated by the Boston Celtics.

“If you’re not on the court playing against Boston or on the court playing against the New York Knicks, you should keep your mouth shut on the criticism of…

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