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Lakers players other than LeBron won’t trust JJ Redick

Lakers players other than LeBron won’t trust JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers’ search for their next head coach is underway. According to multiple reports, they’re looking to examine several candidates, including JJ Redick.

Redick was one of the NBA’s great 3-point shooters during his 15-year playing career. More recently, he has become a commentator for ESPN’s NBA coverage, as well as LeBron James’ co-host for the “Mind the Game” podcast.

Many believe Redick is a candidate for the Lakers’ job only because of his relationship with James. If he were to win the job, it would likely lead to accusations that the organization is completely caving into the superstar’s whims.

Former Miami Heat big man Udonis Haslem, who was teammates with James for four seasons, says the rest of the Lakers’ locker room would have a cynical attitude toward Redick should he get hired.

“If it’s JJ (Redick), you’re going to have a cynical locker room,” said Haslem. “You’re gonna see guys that are gonna say, ‘Is coach gonna do a podcast after the game with LeBron?’ You gonna have a cynical locker room of guys that are gonna side-eye everything JJ says, ’cause they’re gonna wonder, ‘Is it JJ’s message, or LeBron’s message?’”

The Lakers must hire a head coach who not only has James’ trust and respect but will also stand up to James when needed. As great a player as he is, he needs to be coached, just as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant needed to be coached, and that means telling him what he may not want to hear but needs to hear at times.

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