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Colorado men’s basketball star Cody Williams’ 2024 NBA draft stock

Colorado men’s basketball star Cody Williams’ 2024 NBA draft stock

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The most consecutive games Williams played at Colorado was 11. Still, he had to play through injury to reach that number. If Williams can stay healthy, he will be able to improve his other flaws, mostly because they stem from only being 19. His lack of time on the floor this past season hurt his stock and left some question marks.

The average weight of an NBA player at the beginning of the 2023-2024 NBA season was 215.3 pounds. At 6-foot-8, Williams is only 190 pounds. His skinny frame occasionally allowed defenders to veer him off his path, forcing him into tougher shots or turnovers. Defensively, his weight made it harder for him to body up frontcourt players despite his other physical attributes. As a result, Williams sometimes got caught up in the physicality of the game, leading to the 2.0 turnovers he averaged per game.

Outside of needing to bulk up and finding better responses to the physicality of high-level hoops, Williams lacks a consistently feared jumper and occasionally gets caught out of position off the ball. However, Williams continuously acknowledged these two areas in need of improvement, showing flashes throughout the season.

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