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Patrick Beverley suspended 4 games without pay for actions in season-ending loss


Last week, Patrick Beverley was handed a suspension by the league for four games without pay starting next campaign, due to his antics during the final game of Milwaukeeโ€˜s Eastern Conference first-round elimination at the hands of Indiana. The veteran was caught twice on camera throwing a ball at the crowd.

The NBA announced the punishment last Thursday by stating that the Bucks guard was being suspended for โ€œforcefully throwing a basketball multiple times at spectators and an inappropriate interaction with a reporter during media availability.โ€

The incident even made its way to the Indianapolis police, who said they had been investigating an โ€œNBA player and citizenโ€ situation, which had occurred during that game on May 2, even though they never mentioned anyone by name.

The altercation caught fire when Beverley was seen throwing a ball at fans during the closing minutes of Milwaukeeโ€™s 120-98 defeat in Game 6, which resulted in their last match of the season. Cameras showed him tossing the ball into the stands and even hitting a fan in the head with at least two more minutes to the buzzer.

A different fan threw another ball back at him, as the veteran decided to shoot it once again at that spectator. Patrick spoke about his behaviour in last weekโ€™s episode of his own podcast, revealing his actions were โ€œstill inexcusable,โ€ despite being insulted.

โ€œI will be better,โ€ he said last Wednesday. โ€œI have to be better, and I will be better. That should have never happened. Regardless of what was said, that should have never happened. Simple as that.โ€

Beverley then shined a light on the atmosphere in Indianaโ€™s arena, saying that โ€œa handful of fansโ€ crossed the line. โ€œI ainโ€™t bringing a basketball on the bench no more,โ€ he expressed in his podcast. โ€œThat โ€ฆ threw my whole vibe off.โ€

A day after the contest, his coach Doc Rivers called his behaviour โ€œnot the Milwaukee way or the Bucks way.โ€ He said: โ€œWeโ€™re better than that. Pat feels awful about that. He also understands emotionally โ€” this is an emotional game and things happen โ€” unfortunately, youโ€™re judged immediately and he let the emotions get the better of…

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