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NBA scouts, executives believe Nets should go big-game hunting

NBA scouts, executives believe Nets should go big-game hunting

The Brooklyn Nets are in the middle of an offseason where they could choose to stand pat (in terms of trades) in anticipation for the 2025 offseason or make some moves before then. It seems that some NBA personnel believe that if Brooklyn wants to win, they have to find a way to get some star power in the building.

In a recent article by Brian Lewis of the New York Post, he wrote about conversations that he had with some league scouts and executives about the Nets’ roster. Former Philadelphia 76ers scout Michael VandeGarde told Lewis that “they need their No. 1 dude, which you can only get through the draft or obviously some sign-and-trade.”

As Lewis noted in his piece, one of the main discussions within Brooklyn’s fanbase is whether the team should trade for a star this summer in an effort to speed up the rebuilding process or commit to a full rebuild by trading some of their better players and veterans.

At the moment, the Nets are stuck in the middle as they are not good enough to contend for a championship, but also have enough talent to not completely bottom out as one of the worst teams in the league.

Brooklyn also does not have a pick in the 2024 NBA Draft so going into a complete rebuild does not make too much sense unless they were able to get draft picks from other teams that allow them to make changes right away.

The Nets are coming off a 2023-24 season in which the finished with a 32-50 record despite beginning the campaign with a 13-10 start. It’s clear that Brooklyn has talent on the roster, but what most around the league feel is that there isn’t enough star power to make the team competitive enough for the playoffs.

With players like Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell and New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram possibly being available for trades this summer, the Nets have options if they want to go after a star this offseason.

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