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GOAT debate comes down to Jordan, LeBron and Kobe Bryant

GOAT debate comes down to Jordan, LeBron and Kobe Bryant

The debate of who is the greatest player in NBA history is supposed to be nuanced. However, in recent years, it has boiled down to two men: Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

For many years, Jordan was considered the consensus pick because he won six world championships and 10 scoring titles while never losing in the NBA Finals. But an increasing number of people believe James is the greatest player, as shown by two recent polls done by HoopsHype and The Athletic.

However, one incredible legend who always gets disrespected in this debate is the late great Kobe Bryant. He drove the Los Angeles Lakers to five rings and had an array of individual accomplishments, and no one will ever forget his legacy or impact.

Shaquille O’Neal, his Lakers teammate on three of those championship squads, said on his podcast “The Big Podcast” that Bryant should be right there in the GOAT debate along with Jordan and James.

“The only thing I don’t like about the (GOAT) conversation is that they don’t put my boy’s name (Kobe) in it. If you’re gonna be throwing names around, you gotta have my boy’s name in it. That’s like saying, ‘What are the best luxury cars out there: Lexus or Beemer? You gotta put the Mercedes in there, too. Mike, LeBron, or Kobe, now y’all debate.”

Many of today’s NBA stars cite Bryant as a big influence or even a mentor. When he and eight others were killed in a tragic helicopter crash in 2020, there was a massive outpouring of bereavement, not to mention a massive tribute to his accomplishments and the mark he left on sports.

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