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Anthony Edwards wishes MJ comparisons will stop to create his “own style”


Anthony Edwards just produced another 40+point performance this Sunday in the Western Conference semifinal clash against the reigning champions, and he keeps earning comparisons with Michael Jordan, considered by most as the greatest NBA player of all time. However, so many experts are urging these comparisons to stop, as they are not necessarily healthy.ย 

Yes, there is no doubt that the Minnesota forward has increased his level during these NBA playoffs and is catching everybodyโ€™s attention, even Hall of Famer Mike Krzyzweski, famously known as Coach K.

The legendary tactician, who mostly made a name for himself working with many basketball greats at Duke University and Team USA, knows what a young athlete needs to develop into a superstar.

โ€œThe emergence of Anthony Edwards, everyone knew he was really good, but the playoffs give opportunities for players to get to another level, if they can get to another level,โ€ he said about the former Georgia Bulldog. โ€œThatโ€™s what has happened with Edwards. He shined. Not just shined but he has been amazing.โ€

However, Krzyzweski is convinced that itโ€™s too soon to compare the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft to the six-time NBA champion. โ€œPeople should just slow down comparisons,โ€ he said. โ€œJordan is as good as anyone who has ever played, Anthony Edwards is 23 years old. Michael Jordan did it his entire career.โ€

โ€œJordan is bigger and a little bit longer. But in this day and age, Edwards has a chance to be that perimeter superstar,โ€ the coach insisted. โ€œWe are in a climate in which people want to give lists and comparisons. When you do it over a period of time is when you show just how great a player you are. I think Anthony Edwards will do that, but letโ€™s give him some time to do it.โ€

The Hall of Famer also gave praise to Wolves president Tim Connelly for the team that he has built around Edwards.ย โ€œHe put together this team where there are two big guys, (Karl-Anthony) Towns and (Rudy) Gobert. Thatโ€™s unusual in a league that has gone without centers,โ€ Krzyzewski expressed. โ€œThey have to be considered the favorites there.โ€

Edwards recently said that he also wishes the comparison will stop so he can create his โ€œown styleโ€ going forward

Even though he admitted to feeling grateful for the comparisons, the Minnesota star also wishes they would stop. โ€œI want people to be like, โ€˜This Anthony…

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