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Chicago Bulls, Utah Jazz could be Isaiah Collier NBA draft outcomes

USC lacks answers in decisive loss to Gonzaga in Las Vegas

Isaiah Collier and other NBA draft prospects were surely paying attention on Sunday before the NBA playoffs resumed. The NBA draft lottery established the order of picks in the first 14 spots of the 2024 draft, which will take place in late June after the 2024 NBA Finals. This year, the NBA draft is a two-day event, with the first round on Thursday and the second round on Friday. That’s a new development in the formatting and scheduling of the draft, which comes at a time when a lot of NBA teams are uncertain about what they want to be and how they want to restructure. Collier played one year at USC and is now entering the draft. He is expected to be a lottery pick. Now we have a fuller idea of where he might land. Here’s the lottery draft order (1-14):

The big question with the Hawks: Will they trade Trae Young? The second big question: Will a Trae Young trade be part of a deal involving the No. 1 pick? The Hawks are in position to get a ton of assets if they want to make deals.

If the Hawks want to trade the No. 1 pick, the Wizards would be an obvious trade candidate if only because they’re next at No. 2. However, do they have anything Atlanta would want beyond the No. 2 pick?

The Rockets have promising, young players, so the idea of using the No. 3 pick as a trade chip to get an elite veteran player makes a lot of sense.

The Spurs have a lot of options in terms of how they want to reshape their roster to help Victor Wembanyama.

The Pistons were easily the biggest losers at the NBA draft lottery, being the worst team in the NBA yet falling to No. 5 in the lottery order. Atlanta and Houston were shocking top-three lottery teams. The Hawks and Rockets both had extremely small chances of landing where they did.

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