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Tyrese Haliburton Questionable For Game 4 With Ankle, Back Injuries

Tyrese Haliburton Believes Warriors Would Have Picked Him If They Were Outside Top-3 In 2020

by John Wilmes

Minnesota’s defensive effort in Game 2 was a transformative sight. In what appeared to be an effort to become one with their team name, they swarmed, smashed, hounded, snarled, took, and destroyed for 24 straight minutes to start the game. Not an inch of the court was safe.

by Zachary Cohen

Devin Carter won’t be a star, but he could certainly be a starter or high end rotation player with his ability on both ends of the floor and do all the little things.

by John Wilmes

Joel Embiid carries the weight of expectations differently than others. As his fanbase and national media have constructed stories that have him as the potential messiah in a decade-long process of experimental team-building, coupled with the unusual rabidity of Philadelphia sports fans, he has accepted this role sincerely.

by RealGM Staff Report

Previewing Wolves/Nuggets, Knicks/Pacers, Thunder/Mavericks and Celtics/Magic.

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