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Coach Rick Carlisle openly asks NBA officials to give his Pacers a ‘fair shot’

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After Indiana‘s 130-121 Game 2 loss against the Knicks this Wednesday night, the organization has decided to publicly make officiating an issue. According to coach Rick Carlisle, too many calls have been made against them so far in this Eastern Conference semifinal series.

The team had already shown their disgust with referees after their defeat in Game 1, and by the end of last night’s match, the Pacers tactician lost his patience and shouted at the referees. By this point, he had abandoned strategy and simply voiced out his frustrations.

His actions resulted in two technical fouls and was finally ejected, as he had been visibly upset about several calls in the fourth quarter, especially when the officials reversed a double-dribble call that could’ve given Indiana a crucial possession when the game was still contested.

The tactician confronted the press after Game 2 and said that his organisation has identified at least 29 questionable calls that were made against them on Monday night’s Game 1, but hadn’t sent the information to the NBA yet. He then promised to do the same thing with Wednesday’s match and will be sending it for review.

“I decided not to submit them because I just felt like we’d get a more balanced whistle tonight. It didn’t feel that way,” Carlisle explained. “I’m always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials, but we deserve a fair shot.”

As part of NBA protocol, the edits will also be seen by the Knicks. “I can promise you that we’re going to submit these tonight,” Carlisle said after being ejected. “New York can get ready. They’ll see ’em too.”

The Pacers coach insisted that these calls are made unfairly because the NBA want to favour big-market teams like the Knicks. “Small-market teams deserve an equal shot,” Rick expressed. “They deserve a fair shot no matter where they’re playing.”

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