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This week in DII sports: The DII college basketball season, wrapped up

This week in DII sports: The DII college basketball season, wrapped up

Welcome back to This Week in DII sports. Minnesota State did something no other program has done in 40 years and that’s win both the DII men’s and women’s basketball national championships. This week, we wrap up the DII college basketball seasons with the final Power 10 rankings and all-stats teams. Don’t forget, help spread the word and please forward this link for the official DII newsletter (and check the DII Newsletter box) to anyone you think should be getting Wayne Cavadi’s newsletter in their inbox every Tuesday. 

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The final DII men’s and women’s basketball Power 10 rankings of 2024

Welcome to Mavericks Country. Both the DII men’s and women’s basketball seasons are in the books and Minnesota State fans are very happy. The Mavericks took home the national championship in both men’s and women’s basketball — a feat last accomplished, if our records are correct, by the 1984 Central Missouri basketball programs. To no one’s surprise, the Mankato powers sit atop the men’s and women’s final Power 10 rankings of the 2024 season.

Remember, these are my rankings, and mine alone. It is also important to point out that making it to either the DII Men’s or Women’s Elite Eight does not mean that program is guaranteed entry into the Power 10. This is a picture of the entire season, not merely the past two weeks.

🏀 🎁 DII 2023-24 college basketball, wrapped up

⛹🏽 The final DII men’s basketball Power 10 rankings

No. 1 Minnesota State | Previous: 3. A 35-2 record. National champions for the first time ever. The Willingham brothers took over in one of the most memorable national championship games in history. This team opened the season on a 16-game winning streak and closed it against the best of DII on a 16-game winning streak. This is a slam dunk pick. 

No. 2 Nova Southeastern | Previous: 1. Go ahead and pencil the Sharks into the 2025 DII Men’s Elite Eight. Head coach Jim Crutchfield has built a powerhouse in South Florida and no matter who suits up, this is going to be one of the top-scoring, most aggressive teams on the court.

No. 3 West Texas A&M | Previous: 9. It was almost like the Buffs played possum the last two weeks before the tournament. Once they got into the bracket, they took down nationally ranked team after nationally ranked team until running into Minnesota…

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