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Trojans Wired podcast evaluates Andy Enfield, SMU, and the USC job

USC sinks into irrelevance under Andy Enfield as 2023 ends

The news is now official. Andy Enfield has indeed left USC basketball for SMU. The Trojans have an open head coaching job and a chance to upgrade their program. SMU has its new coach as it enters the ACC. What a turn of events.

We noted that USC received a lifeline from SMU with this move:

โ€œA buyout would have been expensive. Cohen had just forked up a lot of money to hire Lincoln Rileyโ€™s new football assistants on the defensive side of the ball. The financial expenditure needed to eat the buyout and then get a high-quality coach would have been considerable. USC basketball fans would say that the expense would have been worth it, but itโ€™s entirely fair to note the factors militating against a firing. Enfield was likely to stay if it was up to USCโ€™s administration, and thatโ€™s entirely reasonable. The scenario USC basketball fans were hoping for was for Enfield to seek a fresh start elsewhere.โ€

SMU and Enfield have both helped USC. Now the Trojans have an opportunity to take their program to the next level. We discuss the news with Ian Hest on our latest podcast:

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