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Steve Kerr praises Draymond Green’s ‘defensive masterpiece’ vs. Spurs

Steve Kerr praises Draymond Green’s ‘defensive masterpiece’ vs. Spurs

Steve Kerr was impressed with Draymond Green’s defensive performance during the Golden State Warriors 117-113 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday (March 31). The veteran forward played a pivotal role in containing Victor Wembanyama. Green also excelled as a playmaker on offense, ending the game with 11 assists.

When speaking to the media during his post-game press conference, Kerr praised Green’s rearguard performance, citing his production as a “defensive masterpiece.” He also noted that Green produced one of the most important plays of the game, helping give the Warriors a boost when they needed it most.

“Draymond was incredible tonight,” Kerr said. “That was a defensive masterpiece. The offensive board at the end with the Klay three. Probably the play of the game. You watch that game, Draymond; he’s a genius defensively…Part of Draymond’s genius, he seems to be half a step ahead of everybody.”

Throughout his career, Green has been discussed as a generational defensive talent. When he’s at his best, few players can read the game with the pace and precision he shows on the floor.

Green has been earning some negative headlines in recent days. As such, his performance and defensive impact will be a welcomed change of pace for the Warriors. Now, they will hope he can continue to produce at that level for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. When Green is at that level, the Warriors are a tough opponent to beat.

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