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Kevin O’Connor’s CelticsBlog story – CelticsBlog

Kevin O’Connor’s CelticsBlog story - CelticsBlog

This week we celebrated CelticsBlog’s 20th anniversary. What started as a small blog launched by the Blogfather Jeff Clark has become a powerhouse of Boston Celtics coverage. Along the way, hundreds of writers have passed through the site’s virtual doors.

Some were fans looking to share their views and opinions. Others were bloggers who loved to write about sports. And, of course, some wanted to cover the sport as a profession. That’s the beauty of this site; there’s a home for everybody. Yet, CelticsBlog has become more than a home. It’s a launchpad. It’s a space where you can thrive as a budding journalist or content creator. Few people know this more than Kevin O’Connor, now one of the most prominent names in NBA media for The Ringer.

“I joined CelticsBlog in 2013,” O’Connor told me. “I believe it was March, late March 2013. Probably almost eleven years ago now. I was there until July 2016.”

Like many of us, O’Connor had grown up reading CelticsBlog. He would consume the game recaps, the postgame analysis, and the opinion pieces that were consistently posted on the site. To him, CelticsBlog was one of the best spots on the web to consume Celtics coverage. So, when he got the chance to join the team, he saw it as an opportunity to be part of his favorite website.

“I didn’t think of it as a place for people to get their start writing because for me, I had read it since I was a little kid,” O’Connor said. “So I think for me, getting my start there, this massive Celtics platform, I always loved Celtics and I always read CelticsBlog…I was going to my favorite Celtics website to talk with fans and to read about what’s going on with the team and get instant reactions. So, for me, it was like suddenly I was on the site that I loved for years.”

Every day, multiple articles are posted on the site. Some are quote captures, others are opinion pieces, and some are analytical deep dives. There’s something for everyone, and the writers are encouraged to try their hands at multiple writing styles. Readers often find well-researched and well-polished articles with creative angles or contrasting trains of thought. What they don’t see is the work that goes on behind the scenes, where Jeff Clark and Bill Sy are encouraging the staff and providing feedback to help develop the talent on the roster.

“Jeff Clark was absolutely, like, in so many different ways, an awesome mentor for me. Figuring out what I like to do and…

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