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How to watch LSU women’s basketball play Iowa in Elite Eight on Monday

How to watch, betting odds vs. Georgia Tuesday

Per an LSU release:

“You’ve got two very talented players that have brought a lot of attention to our sport,” Coach Kim Mulkey said. “They both trash talk. They both make their teammates better. They both have their teammates’ back. They have both elevated our game to where we have people watching that never watched women’s basketball before. Yeah, those are tough women.”

“Well, each of us are a new team,” Coach Kim Mulkey said Sunday. “We’re not the same team we were last year, nor are they. But you certainly have some key pieces on each team. Our game plan will not even mention what we did last year because we don’t have the same personnel.”

“I can describe Flau’Jae in so many ways because I get to see her every day and coach her on her good days and her bad days,” Coach Mulkey said. “As you watch Flau’Jae play and you’re just a casual fan that has no allegiance to LSU, you watch her and you go, wow, I just like watching her perform.”

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