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Alex Rodriguez vows to keep trying to buy Timberwolves despite rejection


After owner Glen Taylor announced that the Timberwolves franchise wasn’t for sale any longer, drama has unfolded this week around the NBA. The executive claimed that potential buyers Marc Lore and ex-MLB star Alex Rodriguez did not meet their deadline to close the deal, but the prospects have now pushed back by insisting that they fulfilled what was expected from them. 

Not only did they assure that they are committed to making this negotiation happen, they revealed that they aren’t letting go any time soon. At some point during the transition period, Taylor’s relationship with them soured despite A-Rod having recured the investment needed to finalise the sale.

The current owner is now saying that the buyers aren’t entitled to an extension, as the board of governors has not even approved the sale. Lore and Rodriguez released their own statement this week, revealing their intense disappointment in the way things are being handled in Minnesota.

“We are disappointed with Glen Taylor’s public statement today. We have fulfilled our obligations, have necessary funding and are fully committed to closing our purchase of the team as soon as the NBA completes its approval process. Glen Taylor’s statement is an unfortunate case of seller’s remorse that is short sighted [sic] and disruptive to the team and the fans during a historic winning season,” it reads.

According to a recent report by The Athletic, their agreements clearly states that any dispute of this sort should be resolved by mediation and arbitration. With this in mind, the former MLB star says that Taylor made things personal between them, and has only increased their thirst for buying the franchise.

“It is now personal,” Rodriguez told the press as soon as he found out the negotiations were supposed to be over. “We can be in this (fight) for five years, 10 years, whatever. We’re not going to let go.”

Recently on Dane Moore’s NBA podcast, Lore explained that the owner changed his mind on the team’s price during the negotiation process. “I think Glen just…

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