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Should the Warriors trade Draymond Green?

Should the Warriors trade Draymond Green?

Draymond Green has been ejected on four occasions this season. He also has served two suspensions. The Golden State Warriors veteran has struggled to stay out of the spotlight this season. His actions have hurt the franchise, at least in the short term, while he was serving his suspensions or they were playing short-handed after an ejection.

As such, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins believes now might be the right time to explore potential trade options for Green. The former Boston Celtics champion noted how the Warriors could be better served by moving on from the combative forward rather than keeping him around for the duration of his contract.

Green is still an elite point forward with a generational basketball IQ and elite defensive upside. At his worst, he is at risk of being thrown out of a game nightly. Steve Kerr and the Warriors front office are likely assessing the trade-off between what Green brings to the table and what he takes away from it. 

You can watch Perkins’ comments in full by clicking on the embedded video above.

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