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For Jared Weiss, it started as a hobby. Now, he’s living out a dream.

NBA: Playoffs-Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics

Jared Weiss was a political science student at Boston University who got in the habit of regularly commenting on CelticsBlog posts.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he found himself covering the team with media credentials, attending press conferences, and learning everything he could about the game of basketball.

That’s because in college, he happened to stumble upon an intriguing job posting for a part-time role at a media entity called North Station Sports. That company turned into CLNS Media, and Weiss — alongside co-founder Nick Gelso — began producing a post-game show, The Garden Report, recorded at TD Garden after each home game.

CelticsBlog agreed to host the show, and so, after graduating from college, Jared also began covering the team for the site.

“I was learning the game. I was studying everything I could,” Weiss said. “I was talking to coaches, players, trying to learn everything I could at a high level.”

At first, Weiss, who grew up a Celtics fan, was pinching himself at the opportunity to spend time at the Garden and cover the team he had loved for so long. But, he quickly pivoted from fan to reporter after his first interaction with Kevin Garnett helped him realize a clear distinction between the players and the media.

“He was so scary to me,” he said. “He was so intimidating.”

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Besides, Weiss always felt he watched basketball through a uniquely unbiased perspective, despite growing up in Newton, Mass. and regularly attending Celtics games.

Upon beginning his tenure with CelticsBlog, Weiss wanted to hone his journalism skills, so he took a seminar course with Paul Flannery, a professor who covered the NBA for SB Nation. At CelticsBlog, Weiss had the opportunity to cover the team however he saw fit – a flexibility that CelticsBlog maintains today in order to ensure each reporter can lean into their strengths.

“CelticsBlog, and [founder] Jeff Clark, gave me a blank check,” Weiss said. “They were like, ‘if you have a good idea, write it.’ And I did that. And at a certain point, it wasn’t garbage.”

The opportunity to dive deep into topics he was drawn to allowed Weiss to hone his craft and create work he was proud of.

“It’s one of the best incubators for talent in the industry,” Weiss said. “There’s a lot of really good people that have…

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