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Penn State basketball urged to pay Micah Shrrewsberry on Twitter

Penn State basketball is NCAA Tournament bound

Penn State’s men’s basketball season came to an end with a loss to Texas in the Round of 32 in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Almost immediately after the game, the focus shifted on what comes next for Penn State. With head coach Micah Shressberry a popular name in the coaching search rumor mill already, Penn State fans flooded Twitter to make it known they hope the Nittany Lions do what is necessary for Shrewsberry to remain in Happy Valley.

The calls for Shrewsberry to get a new contract are not unjustified. Shrewsberry mastered the transfer portal to help turn around a program stuck toward the bottom of the Big Ten and took them to the Big Ten tournament championship game and the second round of just the fourth NCAA tournament appearance since joining the Big Ten. His stock has grown exponentially as a result, and Penn State is now in a role where it needs to decide if the time is right to invest more seriously in the long-term future of its men’s basketball program, which appears to be in good hands with Shrewsberry at the helm, or if it will allow their head coach to explore other opportunities with programs with a richer basketball pedigree or history.

But judging by a good sample of opinions shared on Twitter, which is always a risky venture, it seems the calls to keep Shrewsberry at Penn State are plentiful. Here is a look at some of the calls for Penn State to pay Shrewsberry soon before someone else gets the chance.

A season like the one Penn State just had was a cause for reflection and celebration. The season may not have ended the way Penn State wanted it to, but there was a lot to be proud of thanks to the efforts led by the head coach.

Dick Weiss has been around the sport of college basketball about as long as anyone, and his knowledge on the sport is nearly unrivaled. So when he sees a good thing happening for a program that has not experienced such things regularly, he knows what must be done. If Weiss says pay the man, then Penn State should pay the man.

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