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Video, Quotes: Jim Larrañaga, Miami players preview NCAA tournament matchup against Indiana – Inside the Hall


Jim Larrañaga, Harlond Beverly, Bensley Joseph and Norchad Omier addressed the media in advance of Miami’s 2023 NCAA tournament round of 32 matchup against Indiana at MVP Arena in Albany, New York.

Watch the full press conference below:

Transcript via ASAPSports:

THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by the student-athletes from Miami. To my far left, Norchad Omier, followed by Bensley Joseph and Harlond Beverly. We’ll start with your questions.

Q. Norchad, you mentioned before the season that something that really stood out from last season’s Elite Eight run was that the team never gave up. After last night’s come-from-behind win, what does it mean to you to be on a team that’s so resilient and that, as you said, never gives up.

NORCHAD OMIER: My teammates just are great, great players, great people, and I know that they never gave up last year, and I think this year, after last year’s run to the Elite Eight, they want more. I want to join them on that journey. So I’m just happy to be on this team.

Q. If all three of you could talk about the specific challenges that IU pose. You’ve had a chance now a little bit to switch over to your new opponent. What is it? And specifically also for Norchad, having to cover a guy like Trayce Jackson-Davis, what do you think that’s going to be like?

NORCHAD OMIER: Indiana is a really good team. We know they’ve got Trayce Jackson-Davis. We know they come to him most every possession, and he’s going to be a big challenge for me.

I’m excited for it, if I’m being honest. I’m waiting for it. He’s a great player. That’s all I can say about it.

BENSLEY JOSEPH: I see a lot of their play style is unique. They like to give it to Trayce a lot, and they have perimeter shooters as well. So I feel like the challenge is taking away that paint and forcing them to do a lot of their weaknesses. I’m excited for this game tomorrow.

HARLOND BEVERLY: Like they said, they’re a really good team, great all around, good guards, great big man. So we have to be ready for tomorrow.

Q. Norchad, you had a game to play on your ankle. How comfortable do you feel, and how does it help to kind of go through a game when you’ve had an injury to kind of get used to it?

NORCHAD OMIER: Like you said, I’ve just got to keep getting used to it. It’s something new to me. But I’m feeling great, if I’m being honest.

Q. This is for Harlond and Bensley. Last…

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