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Jaylen Brown opens up on activism and ruffling feathers as a Celtic

‘We are more than just basketball players’

“There (are) multiple experiences,” offered Brown, “as an athlete, as a basketball player, as a regular civilian, as somebody who’s trying to start a business, as someone who’s trying to do things in the community.”

“There’s not a lot of room for people of color, Black entrepreneurs, to come in and start a business,” the Georgia native related. “I think that my experience there has been not as fluid as I thought it would be.”

“Even being an athlete, you would think that you’ve got a certain amount of influence to be able to have experiences, to be able to have some things that doors open a little bit easier. But even with me being who I am, trying to start a business, trying to buy a house, trying to do certain things, you run into some adversity.”

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