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NCAA Tournament Pre-Second Round Press Conference

NCAA Tournament Pre-Second Round Press Conference

Head Coach Micah Shrewsberry

MICAH SHREWSBERRY: We’re excited to be playing again, and that’s what we’ve been doing, just playing together, having fun, and we get a chance to play another game tomorrow.

In that game we play a really good opponent. Texas is one of the best teams in the country on both ends of the court. Their defense causes a lot of problems with the amount of turnovers that they force.

Their guards are as good as any in the country. It starts with Tyrese Hunter and Marcus Carr and Timmy Allen, and when Sir’Jabari Rice comes off the bench he’s just as explosive. So we will have our hands full defensively trying to slow these guys down. They got into a rhythm yesterday and really did some good things on offense against Colgate.

So we will have our hands full, but it should be a great battle and we’re looking forward to playing another game.

Q.Ā At Big Ten you had multiple opportunities to play on CBS. TBS last night; CBS tomorrow. What has that exposure do you think meant for a team that doesn’t always get it? What’s it been like for you to be able to interact with the personalities who you probably — Raf and some of those people growing up? I’m sure you watched a lot of them.

MICAH SHREWSBERRY: They do such a great job with this tournament of — the games are on everywhere, all the channels that they’re on, and when you get a chance to play on CBS. It’s easy to find, I guess. It’s one of the first couple channels that you scroll by.

But this is a blast. It’s cool for our guys to get this experience. It’s great for our program to get this exposure, for a lot of people to see it.

Hopefully we’re opening up doors for potential future Nittany Lions, but also for the school, for the common student that sees us and says, man, that looks pretty cool. I’m going to check Penn State out, right?

Maybe there are kids that are watching this that end up coming there or applying there or want to come there just because they see what we’re doing or they’re seeing wrestling or football or what these athletic teams are doing and it opens up their minds to what Penn State University can be.

We’re proud to represent Penn State in the right way, and to be able to do it on CBS is pretty cool. I wish Jim Jackson could play for us tomorrow. We would…

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