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5 Philadelphia 76ers who may not return next season

5 Philadelphia 76ers who may not return next season

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The Philadelphia 76ers are in the thick of the title hunt right now. Thereโ€™s no offensive duo more potent than Joel Embiid and James Harden, no defensive core with more untapped potential. If the pieces fall into place, we could be watching a parade down Broad Street in a few months.

If we look ahead, however, the future is murky. The Philadelphia 76ers find themselves with severely restricted cap space and a slew of important free agents. Joel Embiid is locked up long term and Tyrese Maxey is the future, but what does next season hold? We canโ€™t really say right now.

Uncertainty is never a comfortable sensation, especially when thereโ€™s such an urgency for the team to compete. Embiidโ€™s prime wonโ€™t last forever and it took a lot of work (and a lot of risk) to build the current team around him.

Who might not be back next season for the Philadelphia 76ers?

5. Furkan Korkmaz

The Turkish delight has a guaranteed $5.3 million on his contract next season, but is there any incentive for Philadelphia to keep him around? Korkmaz made a trade request in February, the second trade request of his Sixers career. Heโ€™s not playing and he clearly does not want to ride the bench here.

Given the nature of his contract, teams probably werenโ€™t breaking down the door to nab Korkmaz at the trade deadline. But, $5.3 million in expiring money is much easier to deal. The Sixers should have little trouble using Korkmaz as salary filler in summer trade negotiations.

Despite what feels like a forever-long stint with Philly, Korkmaz is only 25 years old with multiple productive campaigns under his belt. Players with size and shooting tend to retain relevancy in todayโ€™s NBA and Korkmazโ€™s flashes of secondary playmaking should only increase his appeal for rebuilding teams willing to take an inexpensive flier.

Heโ€™s probably out of Philadelphiaโ€™s short and long-term plans, but donโ€™t be surprised if Korkmaz is traded and subsequently finds some measure of success with his new team.

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