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Today is a good day to have a good day for the Boston Celtics

When learning how to write again (after not writing anything of significance since college), one piece of advice that stuck was: “Stories aren’t about you. Don’t use “I” so much. Just write about the subject.”

I am going to fail at that here. I sincerely hope you’ll indulge me in that failure.

I won’t bury the lede. This is my last season covering the Boston Celtics for CelticsBlog.

I’m sharing this now, because it’s as good a time as any. And because I don’t want to distract at all from the upcoming playoff run by dropping in a random piece in the middle of the best part of the season. I’m selfish, but not that selfish. And for the season to end and simply not write here anymore after that last game, seems weird and disingenuous. So, here we are.

For those who love drama, I hate to disappoint, but there’s no nefarious reason. It’s just time for me to move on. I’m still going to be covering the NBA. I’ll be doing even more writing about the salary cap, rosters, transactions and all that sort of stuff on Spotrac moving forward. Of course, that will still mean some Celtics stuff.

What I won’t be doing is covering the Celtics day-to-day anymore. And that’s really, really bittersweet.

My niche in the NBA world is the cap, the CBA and roster stuff. Outside of games, it’s what I love the most about the league. It’s also, by far, what I’m best at writing about. It’s time to lean into that more, and we’ve got some really cool projects planned that I’m excited about.

But to do that, it means I won’t have time to cover the Celtics the way I have for almost seven years now. And that means leaving CelticsBlog.

That part sucks.

My first article on CelticsBlog posted on August 20, 2016. It was about Boston signing Marcus Georges-Hunt. My second article? It was about the Celtics renouncing the draft rights to Colton Iverson. So, yeah, miscellaneous transactions have always been my game.

Since then, I’ve written over 1,000 other articles. And I’m hoping there are still a whole lot more to come before this season is said and done.

None of it happens without the support of some truly special people. People who don’t get nearly enough love or shine for what they bring Celtics fans here with CelticsBlog.

Jeff Clark is called “The Blogfather” for a reason. He’s the best, most supportive boss anyone could hope to have. His mantra is “Life first, blog second” and he truly means it. Whenever any of us have…

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