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How each mid major can win a game (or 2!) in the NCAA Tournament

How each mid major can win a game (or 2!) in the NCAA Tournament

It is that wonderful time of the year. A time when anything can happen.

A time for Duke to lose in a hilarious upset to a mid major, or a stalwart program that starts with the word “virgin” to lose to a spunky 16 seed. It is March (cue the Ron Jothstein music).

In honor of the great month of March Madness we (led by editor Lance and a few of our wonderful contributors including Austin Montgomery, Garrett Lash aka moderator one of NMTC_Hoops & Sam Federman) want to share why we think your favorite mid major can win a game (or two!) in the Big Dance.

Houston: I don’t need to explain why the team that should have been the top overall seed — who also totally isn’t a mid major but is kinda one, OK we get it nobody can agree — can win the NCAA Tournament. – Lance

Gonzaga: *Taps sign* not a mid major. But they have had a Few chances to swerve through the tourney. Maybe this is the time. But also probably not. – Lance

San Diego State: The Selection Committee must pay for pairing SDSU against CoC in the first round. The Aztecs play slower than I think, and CoC plays faster than I REDACTED, so I hope they both win. – Lance

Saint Mary’s: UGHHHHHH. The Committee did it again! They put a mid major against a mid major with SMC-VCU. This is another low possession matchup that will make Boomer Fathers everywhere giddy for the old days of basketball when Bob the Plumber let Pistol Pete score 50 on long 2s. – Lance

Memphis: Not a mid major but also kinda because we count Houston, so sure I will add something about the Tigers: Penny Hardaway seems like a chill guy. Memphis is a trendy pick to make a run but they gotta get past my personal second favorite Owl team, more on that now. – Lance

Florida Atlantic: The Second-Best Owls in my opinion but are a team that I picked to beat the fraudulent Purdue and big lug of a person Zach Eddey in the second round after beating the mentioned Tigers. Go FAU. – Lance

Boise State: They rebound well, defend really well and gosh darn it this team is 0-8 in the NCAA tournament and is absolutely due. Moreso than Northwestern anyway, who picked up a win in their first ever tourney. Please, Broncos. – Garretthof

Utah State: The darlings of Nerd Twitter who actually deserved their darling status almost beat SDSU in the Mountain West finals, but also lost to Weber State who didn’t even make the Big Sky finals. Unclear how they will fare against Missouri but my gut tells me white people will be angry either…

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