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Class of 2023 NWBA Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Class of 2023 NWBA Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Jayne Chilutti has provided the NWBA exceptional support for over 30 years of volunteerism, most significantly as a leader within the classification system, which has resulted in her being inducted into the Class of 2023 as a Contributor. Chilutti’s professionalism, passion, and sheer determination to make a difference in the sport have been remarkable. She has had a wide range of administrative roles and responsibilities within the NWBA, much of which is critical to the organization’s operations and efficiency: Developing the NWBA classification database, processing applications of eligibility/classification reviews, developing educational materials for Team Reviewer and Classifier Courses, and managing all aspects of athlete applications submitted to the IWBF. She has spent countless hours orienting and training other classifiers, and leading classification clinics across the country to bring new talent to her profession. She has also been an invaluable resource for coaches, Team USA staff, and the NWBA national office.

Prior to taking on national and international roles as a classifier, she was a team representative for the Philadelphia Magee Spokesmen for over 16 years and co-founded the Katie’s Komets, a Junior Division team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chilutti also served as a tournament director for many regional tournaments, helping develop both youth and adult talent in the Philadelphia/East Coast region.

In 2002, Chilutti became the Chairperson of the NWBA Classification Committee, a role she has held for over two decades. Chilutti has led the NWBA’s efforts to switch from a medical to a functional-based classification system.

Chilutti also helped Team USA athletes navigate various changes over the years to the international classification system. In 2005, she officially became an international classifier with the IWBF. In 2010, she was 1 of 10 IWBF Classification Instructors and in 2012, she obtained her classification instructor license, the highest level in the IWBF classification certification. She served as an IWBF Classifier at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. To this date, Jayne Chilutti is one of only two certified U.S. classifiers in IWBF America’s region.

Chilutti is one of the most respected and well-known classifiers nationally and globally. She’s a true pioneer and a long-time servant of the NWBA.

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