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Thunder should be light buyers or hold for deadline

Thunder should be light buyers or hold for deadline

With the NBA trade deadline a little under a month away on Feb. 9, teams across the league will soon need to figure out whether theyโ€™re buyers, sellers or somewhere in-between.

Bleacher Report writer Dan Favale decided to go through all 30 NBA teams to figure out what they should do with the upcoming trade deadline.

For the Oklahoma City Thunder, who sit at 23-24 and are tied for the 10th-best record in the West, theyโ€™re in the grey area of both being a playoff contender and a rebuilding team.

Favale believes the Thunder should be light buyers or hold and leave their roster as is.

โ€œEvery fiber of my being wants to declare the Oklahoma City Thunder all-out buyers. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has armed them with a top-10 player, Josh Giddey is evolving, Jalen Williamsโ€™ basketball intuition smacks you in the face, Kenrich Williams does a little bit of everything, Isaiah Joe is a human flamethrower, Lu Dort is finding nylon on more threes, the defense is a beautiful blend of frenetic, oft-undisciplined energyโ€”the list goes on. And on.

And then on some more.

And did I mention the Thunderย are annihilating opponentsย when SGA, Dort, Giddey and Kenrich Williams share the floor?

Oklahoma City has firmly planted itself inside the play-in race and remains within striking distance of a more substantive finish. Thereโ€™s a chance the current ascent fades. Thereโ€™s also a chance it doesnโ€™t.

We should all endorse a more aggressive deadline approach if the Thunder were built for it. SGA, Dort, Giddey and Chet Holmgren are their four highest-paid players. None of them are going anywhere. Their fifth highest-paid player is Ousman Dieng, who is out with a fractured right wrist and someone you should keep an eye on when healthy. He makes a whoppingโ€ฆ$4.6 million.

Limited matching salary is one issue. Roster-spot limbo is another. The Thunder project to have one open slot this summer, which they will fill with their own first-round pick or the Clippersโ€™ selection. Theyโ€™re unlikely to complicate that situationโ€”especially with so many additional firsts coming their way after this year.

Sign me up for a โ€œlight buyโ€ anyway. The Thunder could use more shooting. Theyโ€™re second in three-point accuracyย since the start of January, but even if thatโ€™s sustainable, they need a higher-volume sniper. Dangling Darius Bazleyโ€™s expiring contract alongside some lower-level assets should be enough to get them a marksman flier (Garrison Mathews? P.J….

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