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Q&A with Sue Ludwig – Syracuse University Athletics

Q&A with Sue Ludwig - Syracuse University Athletics

As the Syracuse Orange prepare to host Virginia in the JMA Wireless Dome on Thursday, Jan. 26, (7 p.m., ACC Network Extra), we continue our Q&A series to help you get to know your Orange! In this edition we talk with assistant coach Sue Ludwig.

What makes Syracuse University so special?

SL: The beauty of the campus and the people. Syracuse has become home for me, you can feel the love for Syracuse University within our community and everywhere we travel. We all bleed Orange!

What has been the biggest adjustment going from a high school head coach to coaching at the collegiate level?

SL: I think that the biggest adjustment for me is the time and travel required in this position. It’s an all day, every day work environment, the grind is necessary in order to be the best we can be as a team and staff.

What about Coach Jack made the decision to join her at your alma mater so easy?

SL: I don’t know who could ever turn down the opportunity to do something they are so passionate about and love so much with someone who they passionately love equally as much. To do it at our alma mater together is simply a dream come true.

If you could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

SL: My ultimate dream vacation is to visit Italy! To see the beauty of the Amalfi coastline, the history and architecture of the cathedrals, the Colosseum, the food, the mountains and beautiful water… it’s #1 on my bucket list for sure.

What is the biggest thing you have learned about coaching in the ACC and the competitiveness of this conference?

SL: There are no days off! You have to be so prepared for every game and can never take anyone lightly or, in contrast, make sure that your team never feels like a team is unbeatable. On any given day, any team in this league can compete with everyone in the league, you have to really be locked in, focused and well prepared, knowing that it’s going to be a battle every single night!

When you were a student athlete at SU, where was your favorite place on campus to hang out? Is it still the same or do you have a new favorite place?

SL: I’d definitely have to say Acropolis or R.J. O’Tooles were my two favorite hang out spots with my friends and teammates after practices or games. We had so many good times there together. These were the places that laid the foundation for my strong relationships with my teammates, which translated over to our success on the court. Sadly, both of these spots are now closed. My new…

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