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Kenrich Williams will be with next Thunder contender

Performances, highlights in 113-119 loss to G Leagueโ€™s Gold

Over the last couple of years, it has been heavily reported that Kenrich Williams wants to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the foreseeable future.

The Athleticโ€™s NBA insider Shams Charania re-emphasized this point when he reported both parties want to stay married, and that itโ€™ll take more than a first-round pick for the Thunder to consider otherwise.

โ€œThey could trade him today for a first-round pick but theyโ€™ve held on to him. They signed him to a long-term deal. Just the vision to sign him, initially on a deal and now for the long term. Those are the type of guys you want to build with. When this team wins big, Kenrich Williams is going to be a big part of it.โ€

This past offseason, the Thunder signed Williams to a four-year, $27.2 million extension that kicks in next season.

Considering Williams is on the record with his desire to retire in Oklahoma City, this isnโ€™t too surprising or anything new. With the Thunder already in the playoff race, the next contention window could open sooner than most anticipated โ€” if it hasnโ€™t already.

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