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Nic Claxton on Nets: “Last year … it was kind of a toxic environment”

Nic Claxton on Nets: "Last year ... it was kind of a toxic environment"


Despite high hopes prior to last season, the Nets failed to make a deep playoff run. Brooklyn finished second in the Eastern Conference, but was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs.

In addition, James Harden forced his way out of the team in the middle of the season.

According to Nic Claxton, last season was a toxic environment and not everybody wanted to be on the team. This year things are different he says.

โ€œLast year โ€ฆ it was kind of a toxic environment,โ€ Claxton said, per Nick Friedell. โ€œWe didnโ€™t know if everybody wanted to be here at the time. This year, thereโ€™s no divide between everybody thatโ€™s out there. Weโ€™re going to figure it out.โ€

Brooklyn had a rough start of the season, but after the firing of Steve Nash, the team improved its record and had climbed all the way to the second place in the East. Currently, the Nets are in the fourth place in their conference.

This season Claxton is averaging 12 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2.7 blocks 28.5 minutes per game. He considers himself to be a top candidate for the Defensive Player of the Year award.

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