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Kevin Durant not disappointed to stay with Nets after a wild summer

Kevin Durant thinks Nets should draw inspirations from Warriors

Superstar Kevin Durant spoke to reporters earlier this week during media day, he discussed his trade request from the Brooklyn Nets organization.

While the limelight was on Durant earlier this week, a reporter asked if he was disappointed not to be shipped elsewhere. The sharpshooter responded, “No. Not disappointed. I can’t be– I’m not disappointed. I mean, I’m doing what I love to do, first [? off. ?] So if I’m looking at it from that lens, no, I’m not disappointed, you know?”

“I felt like either option, I mean, coming here, we still had a great team. But, no, I wasn’t disappointed. I still love to play. I knew that wasn’t going to be affected. Regardless of what happened in the summer, I was not going to let it affect the work that needs to be put on the court when it’s time. So that’s what I lean on, just having fun playing ball. And I knew that’s one thing that wasn’t going to stop, regardless,” said Durant.

At length, Durant discussed the circumstances that forced him to demand a trade from the franchise earlier this offseason. He felt that the organization wasn’t going in a winning direction.

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