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Which players might the Celtics lose in an expansion draft?

Is the Celtics’ disinterest in Carmelo really just penny-pinching?

It might be fun to daydream about a return of the Seattle SuperSonics, or the arrival of an NBA team in Mexico City or Las Vegas, Nevada, but there will be impacts from the reality of such a move that fans of a team might be a lot less enthusiastic about once the daydream becomes a reality.

For fans of the Boston Celtics, that means a potential loss of players on the end of the team’s roster, a collection of players carefully assembled to contend for a title, and one that can ill afford the prospect of losing a player with nothing coming back to the team but the cap space such a loss might open.

To game out how an expansion draft held to populate new teams joining the league might affect Boston, the hosts of the CLNS Media “Celtics Lab” podcast held a mock expansion draft — and sure enough, some significant parts of the Celtics’ rotation ended up getting pilfered in the process.

Take a look at the clip embedded above to see who ended up going where with the new teams coming into the NBA, and see if you still feel as excited about a bigger league for Boston to play in.

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