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Brown gets Boston into NBA’s ‘Best logo range shots of 2021-22’ clip

Knicks reportedly seek to create cap space; could Celtics capitalize?

The Boston Celtics are not exactly known for being the sort of sharpshooting team that will punish a lax defense from the logo if you leave a player open. But even so, the team managed to get itself added to the NBA’s ‘Best logo range clutch shots of the 2021-22 season‘ video with an outstanding sequence emanating from one of the team’s sneakier long-distance marksmen.

That would be a one Jaylen Brown, the star forward not only draining a trey in a critical moment but doing so in the face of a former teammate who had since relocated to the New York Knicks for good measure.

If you have already guessed the play in question, you should watch it again anyway — even most of a year after it happened, it’s the kind of shot that leaves the mouth open in disbelief.

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