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The One Thing the Phoenix Suns Need to Get Right Before Playoffs

The One Thing the Phoenix Suns Need to Get Right Before Playoffs

Even after dropping games to the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder, locating flaws in this Phoenix Suns team is no easy chore. You have to dig through their pristine 62-12 record to find bad losses, scavenge for inefficient stats, and dive at least three years into the past to find any stories pertaining to bad chemistry or coaching issues.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to dance around the cliche “needle in a haystack” idiom when describing any potential issues with Phoenix’s on-court product. Put simply, this team looks fortified and in-synch, like a slick new Cadillac.

But for as often as that “needle in a haystack” phrase gets thrown around, people tend to ignore one key component of it. Although the needle remains well-hidden within the barrel of hay, it still exists in there, even if you cannot always see it.

For as perfect as the Suns look, they have their own needle buried under all the success which they’ve attained this season. It’s small and only recently became visible, but Monty Williams and his staff will need to bring out a magnet, and swiftly remove it before the playoffs begin.

The Suns need to get Cameron Johnson’s Shooting Right Before the Playoffs

With him shooting just 2-14 on 3-pointers since making his return off the injury report, Suns swingman Cameron Johnson’s long range stroke represents this lone issue for Phoenix.

Prior to his injury, Johnson resembled arguably the entire league’s best 3-point shooter. Shooting from deep at a 44.8 percent clip on 5.9 attempts per game, only Joe Harris and Luke Kennard hit more efficiently at that high of a rate.

Such marksmanship even had Johnson on pace to challenge a variety of Suns 3-point shooting records earlier this season. Even now, his 43.6 percent shooting from deep has him slated to finish with the 16th best percentage for a season in Suns history. However, his maintained 2.6 made triples per game would break Raja Bell’s record should he keep it…

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