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Anthony Davis on Russell Westbrook: “When he’s attacking, we are a different team”

Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Russell Westbrook was close to triple-double as he scored 20 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished 12 assists in the Lakersโ€™ loss against the Hawks.

It was his third game in a row in which he scored 20 or more points. In the game against the Hornets the former NBA MVP had season-high 35 points. According to his teammate Anthony Davis, when Russ is attacking like that, it changes the way the Lakers look.

โ€œHe was very at attacking the basket and making the right reads, he was very good at the rim finishing,โ€ Davis said about Westbrook. โ€œAnd he was just like in kill mode. And thatโ€™s how he has to be at all times, making the right reads, finishing.

โ€œSometimes.. heโ€™s got lot of emotions and so when he get into going downhill or someone makes him mad, or he doesnโ€™t get a foul call, we try to help him like โ€˜Alright, itโ€™s okay, take a deep breath, donโ€™t let that carry over into the next play.โ€™ And we all do it because we want to be the…

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